Care & Support for Children

Everything we do is working towards life-changing opportunities for children who are misfortunate in many social spheres. It aims to empower children and persons with disabilities by integrating them into all aspects of developmental and societal life towards an inclusive society by enabling the community to achieve inclusion of Children to be placed into local, loving families. Children are said to be blessings from the Almighty and bring great happiness to a couple’s married life. However, trying circumstances such as disease, poverty, or even disabilities can sometimes drive parents to a state where they fail to help their kids and even decide to abandon them. Sometimes the children may become victims of various social evils, sexual abuses and superstitious beliefs. NGOs help such children pull through in times of illness, financial distress or emotional pain. The Sangli Mission Society works on these ends through the projects: Prerna and Aastha

Empowring The Women

Enabling women to come into the mainstream of society for its integral development, safeguarding their dignity and integrity. It is made possible through the formation and strengthening of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) which are implemented in 133 villages in four civil districts of Maharashtra. Through these women are empowered through the formation and strengthening of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), and various skill development training, thus making a self-sustaining society. The projects which come on women empowerment are Saksham and Swavlamban.


Education with a Difference for a difference to inculcate value-based quality education in its students. There are 10 English medium schools and three nurseries owned and run by SMS through which over 11,000 children prepare themselves for a joyful generation. Our Vision Formation of a just and humane society by transforming individuals through relevant and quality education based on values. Dnyandeepti is the department which deals with value-based education.

Empowring The Marginalised

Enabling the exploited and weaker sections of the society for justice, dignity and integrity. SMS works on the holistic care and support services to PLHIVs, providing security to the families Below Poverty Line, to link people with various govt. schemes to avail various govt. Schemes for the poor villagers who are deprived of their rights, Care for the aged and abandoned, and helps the homeless by providing shelter, especially for poor people, widows, and people with acute multiple infirmities. Dilasa, Vihaan Care, ADHAAR, SAMARDHAN, ASARA, and NIVARA are the projects which work on these ends.

Empowering Person with Disabilities

Empower the disabled to live a full life with equal rights and opportunities. It tries to provide them equal opportunities, make them independent and socially productive citizens and thus integrate them into mainstream society. It works towards reducing physical, attitudinal and institutional barriers that hinder the participation of persons with disabilities in society. The project that works to support special children is Samanvaya.

Disaster Management

Meeting the immediate social, material and economic needs of men during natural disasters. FLOOD RELIEF of 2019 AND COVID-19 pandemic reliefs are examples. Flood 2019 Relief, Restoration & Reconstruction 125285 persons of 66976 families in 425 villages were directly affected by the flood in the districts of Sangli and Kolhapur. 105481 livestock were lost 1378 houses were completely destroyed 14991 houses were partially damaged 122532 hectors of agricultural land got destroyed Sangli Mission with the support of 23 donor agencies directly intervened in 65 villages with immediate humanitarian assistance. 50 volunteers and staff worked day and night for reaching the assistance to the needy. Covid -19 Response 1 lakh contribution to Hon PM’s Fund• Rs. 50000 contributions to Hon CM’s fund• 4411 children got counselling through Childline and• Vihaan projects during this Covid Pandemic 690 families received food kits which included Atta,• sugar, Dal, Salt, Tea Powder, Wheat, Rawa, Jiggery, Oil, Masala powder, biscuits, etc 325 Children received supplementary food through• Vihaan COVID awareness campaigns for 1453 participants• 3154 Home delivery of ART medication to PLHIVs• 349 were helped to get HIV testing and 337 for TB• testing 4 of our institutions were given as Covid-19 quarantine• centres to the local authorities

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