Samanvaya is the wing of Sangli Mission for the education and rehabilitation of children/persons with disabilities. It tries to provide them equal opportunities, make them independent and socially productive citizens and thus integrate them into mainstream society. It works towards reducing physical, attitudinal and institutional barriers that hinder the participation of persons with disabilities in society.
As per the statistics, there are 1,16,804 disabled children/persons in the Sangli Mission area. Only less than10 % of them have access to special education and other services. Following are the activities initiated by Sangli Mission for children and adult persons with disabilities:
1. Early identification and intervention
2. Special education and training
3. Integrated and inclusive education
4. Community-Based and Home-Based Rehabilitation (CBR and HBR) programs
5. Vocational training and economic rehabilitation
6. Awareness programs and disability prevention campaigns
7. Creation of public opinion in favour of the disabled
8. Guidance, counselling emotional support to parents
9. Respite homes and care centers for severe and profound disabilities
10. Training programs for the special educators
11. Empowering disabled persons to fight
for their rights
12. Linkages with governmental and non-governmental organizations
Formation of parents’ associations

The accomplishments of Sangli Mission for children and adult persons with disabilities are:
1. Jeevdan Residential Special School, Zarap
2. Anugraha Special School, Khed
3. Pratiksha Residential Special School, Vilavade
4. Ashadeep Special school, Sangli,
5. Shanti Nivas Care Homr for the Severely Disabled, Khutalwadi
6. CHERISH Vocational Training /Rehabilitation Centre Nirmalgiri,

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